Hot New Annuals From California Spring Trials 2013

Hot New Annuals From California Spring Trials 2013

Begonia 'Unstoppable Big Fire' from Dümmen

Each year, each stop at Spring Trials offers exciting new plants and products. There were hundreds of new annual cultivars on display. Take a look at what’s new.


Begonia Unstoppable Upright Series (Dümmen)

This series of semi-upright begonias has dark green, sharply pointed leaves that set off the large flowers. It’s available in two colors: orange (Big Fire) or white (Big White).

Dianthus ‘Sunflor Olivia’ (Fides Oro)

An eye-catching color pattern and unique flower shape will make this dianthus popular with consumers. It’s also early blooming and naturally compact — no PGRs needed.

Lobularia Stream Series (Danziger)

Two new colors, ‘Bicolor Lilac Stream’ and ‘Purple Stream,’ join this popular series. Stream cultivars are fast-growing, heat tolerant and fragrant, and are ideal for baskets and containers.

Diascia Sundiascia Series (Suntory)

Sundiascia is a completely new form of diascia. Upright, 12- to 15-inch tall, sturdy stems display stunning flower spikes. This new shape also saves growing and shipping space and prevents breakage from the center. Available in Rose Pink, Blush Pink and Orange.

Calibrachoa ‘Superbells Pomegranate Punch’ (Proven Winners)

The latest in the Superbells series offers deep rose-red blooms with a prominent black-red center, and the same heat tolerance and disease resistance growers and retailers expect. Perfect for containers and beds, this full-sun cultivar grows 6 to 10 inches tall.

Bacopa ‘Boutique Pink Mascara’ (Hort Couture)

Pale pink flowers set off with a dramatic dark pink eye zone create a lovely effect for small pot production and containers. Vigorous and heat-tolerant, Pink Mascara joins Blue and Tie Dye White.

Erysimum Sugar Rush Series (Floranova)

Two new colors, Orange and Red, join this beautiful and vigorous wallflower series. Sugar Rush cultivars bloom just nine weeks from sowing. The flowers are very fragrant and the plants are hardy to Zone 6.

Antirrhinum Antirinca Series (Cohen)

An upright habit, strong and sturdy stems and large flowers make this new snapdragon series perfect for large pot production. It is available in four colors: Yellow Maroon, Peachy, Bronze Apricot and Rose.

Cosmos ‘White Popsocks’ (Thompson & Morgan)

‘White Popsocks’ is a unique mix of fully double, anemone and single white flowers on a compact, 24-inch plant. It is small enough for pot production, and along with ‘Pink Popsocks,’ has great garden performance.

Calibrachoa Cruze Series (Green Fuse)

The Cruze series features seven colors with large, abundant flowers on mounded plants. Cruze varieties will fill a basket and make great combination plantings. They are early flowering, and plants have naturally shortened internodes.

Primula Touch Me Series (Schoneveld)

Primula Touch Me comes in both soft and vibrant colors to provide a joyful touch of spring. The colors become deeper and darker as the flowers mature. In combination with the younger, lighter-colored flowers, the effect is striking.

Cuphea Sriracha Series (Syngenta Goldfisch)

Available in three colors—Pink, Rose and Violet — Sriracha provides vibrant color from spring through the heat of summer. It is a faster, cost-effective alternative to specialty vegetative varieties. Compact, well-branched plants offer excellent series uniformity suitable for 6-inch or gallon containers.

Gomphrena Pinball Series (Sakata)

The first vegetative gomphrena on the market, the Pinball series has a strong mounding habit and excellent heat and drought tolerance. Ideal for mixed containers, the series has three colors: Purple, Snow-Tip Lavender and White.

Begonia ‘Nonstop Mocca Cherry’ (Benary)

Cherry-colored flowers set off by dark-bronze leaves make this a striking new addition to the Mocca series. All the Mocca cultivars have excellent flower impact, a full, rounded habit and a high rate of transplantable seed.