Small-Size Succulents For Miniature Gardening

Small-Size Succulents For Miniature Gardening

Miniature gardening is a popular trend that appeals to a large range of age groups, most particularly children. For growers, this niche market can offer high profit margins with quick turn-arounds and minimal input costs.

“Don’t give plants too long on the bench,” says Beth Gulley, purchasing and product manager at Gulley Greenhouses and Garden Center. “Most of these varieties are tropical, heat-loving and easy to grow. The less maintenance they have, the better. Take advantage of quick turns of lots of units per bench.”


Some hits from the Fairy Flowers program include gynura ‘Purple Passion,’ Mimosa pudica (sensitive plant), soleirolia (baby tears) and hypoestes (polka-dot plant). There are also perennial varieties that can be used for outdoor miniature gardens, such as isotoma (Blue Star Creeper), armeria (Sea Pinks) and creeping thyme varieties.

Gulley says many of the miniature plants on the market are tried and true varieties that have been around for years and are just now being rediscovered by consumers.

Siena Randall, director of program development and marketing at EuroAmerican Propagators says it is as much about the container and decorative aspect of the miniature garden or terrarium as it is about the plants.

She recommends varieties like crassula ‘Princess Pine’ and crassula ‘Hobbit’ for height and texture in miniature gardens, as well as sedum ‘TriColor’ and sedum ‘Angelina.’

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