Spring Trials 2012 Sneak Preview

Spring Trials 2012 Sneak Preview

Syngenta 'Picobella Cascade'

Every year breeders big and small take their show-stopping, conversation-starting, must-see varieties to California for the Spring Trials. In this highly anticipated event, plants are the models in this greenhouse fashion show. Check out the following pages for a color-coordinated sneak preview of the varieties that are sure to be some of 2013’s best.


‘Sombrero Lemon Yellow’ Echinacea – Darwin Perennials
The Sombrero series of echinacea expands with new Lemon Yellow, a rich, deep color that fits well into this uniform series. Perfect for use in spring-planted programs and easy to produce, Sombrero has proven hardiness, is very floriferous, and extends gardener enjoyment through the season. It is drought and deer tolerant, as well.

‘Summer Sun’ Calla Lily – Flamingo Holland
A very beautiful, sunny yellow potted calla lily. ‘Summer Sun’ has medium flowers on a strong stem, nice lanceolate leaves with lots of white spots and a very high flower production. Works well in all pot sizes – even the mini and small pots.

Pink Ice Iberis – Pacific Plug & Liner
‘Pink Ice’ is the first deep pink perennial iberis available to commercial growers. This iberis
also has a compact,  densely branched habit that is covered in blooms from spring to summer. ‘Pink Ice’ would serve as an ideal complement to ‘Masterpiece’ as well as traditional forms like ‘Purity.’

Cosmic Dianthus – Pacific Plug & Liner
The new series of striped-flower carnations features large, double blooms and bold colors. Red Swirl and Pink Swirl are two introductions.

‘Surdaisy Strawberry Pink’ – Suntory Flowers
Surdaisy displays showy pink flowers that are larger and more numerous than a typical brachyscome. Plants are weather resistant, withstanding cold, rain, sun and even mild frosts. These low-maintenance, self-cleaning plants can be enjoyed March through October.

Princettia Euphorbias – Paul Ecke Ranch, Suntory Flowers
Spring Trials visitors will have the opportunity to see Princettia euphorbias at two locations – Paul Ecke Ranch in Encinitas and Suntory Flowers’ trials at Plug Connection in Vista. Princettia has been successful in Japan and in Europe as a premium blooming potted plant. It is positioned for sales in October, November and winter and spring holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day. For maximum value, don’t mix them in with typical poinsettias during Christmas.

‘Toscana’ Strawberry – ABZ Seeds
‘Toscana features decorative, deep rose flowers g and bears dark red, juicy fruit with a genuine strawberry taste. ‘Toscana’ can be used creatively as a bedding plant. It’s aslo ideal for patio or terrace pots and is a jewel on any balcony.

Nano Geraniums – Hem Genetics
This naturally dwarf geranium series comes in eight colors, including Appleblossom, Deep Rose, Salmon and Scarlet.

‘Santa Cruz Sunset’ Begonia boliviensis – Benary
Benary is introducing the first Begonia boliviensis from seed. ‘Santa Cruz Sunset’ is bred to tolerate heat and extreme weather, and it doesn‘t need pinching.

‘Patio Olympic’ Gerbera – Florist Holland
The voluminous Patio gerberas of Florist Holland offer solid color combinations to create sunny-season feelings for consumers. As an extra feature, the large flowers can be picked and enjoyed on a vase indoors. Meet the latest edition: ‘Patio Olympic’ with its stunning red flowers.

‘Sun Parasol Garden Crimson’ Mandevilla – Suntory Flowers
Create a new market with the first bedding plant mandevilla. Garden Crimson is the latest addition to Suntory’s Sun Parasol mandevillas. Plants are compact but produce large 3- to 4-inch flowers. Sell as a premium 4-inch item or plant premium baskets. This dark red mandevilla mixes nicely with ‘Sun Parasol Original White.’

Calliope Burgundy, Hot Pink and Lavender Rose – Syngenta Flowers
Syngenta has added these vibrant color additions to the popular Calliope series of ivy-zonal hybrid geraniums. Calliopes are extremely well branched with a somewhat vigorous mounding habit that makes them suitable for gallons, baskets and mixed plantings. Calliope geraniums are exceptionally heat tolerant as part of the GoldFisch Heat Lovers line.

Sunblaze Roses – Greenheart Farms
This collection of miniature roses was selected for outstanding potted plant production and  garden performance. Hardy and easy to grow, Sunblaze flowers
from spring until fall. All 12 varieties in the collection have dense, dark green foliage with 2-to 3-inch large blooms.

Picobella Cascade Petunias – Syngenta Flowers
These miniature trailers are for hanging baskets, mixed containers, pots and jumbo packs. Early flowering in this series expands the early spring selling season. Picobella Cascade’s tightly branched, cascading habit reduces the need for plant growth regulators and creates attractive, mature plants that last longer for growers, retailers and home gardeners. The series includes Coral, Lavender, Pink Glo, Purple, Red, Salmon, White and Mix.

Ringsabell Campanulas – Skagit Gardens
Indigo Blue (pictured) and Mulberry Rose are classic border perennials. For lovely summer color, plant them at home in beds and containers. They may rebloom in the fall. Both varieties will be available to growers this summer.

Trilogy Petunias – American Takii
By focusing on performance in every stage, Takii is delivering a series with seven colors that requires less growth regulators, lasts longer at retail and performs in the garden with minimal care.

‘Royal Hawaiian Maui Gold’ Colocasia – PlantHaven
The Royal Hawaiian colocasias earned the Editor’s Choice award in Greenhouse Grower’s Medal of Excellence program four years ago. Now, the series is expanding with introductions like Maui Gold, which boasts chartreuse foliage held on ivory white stems.

Pretty Petunias – Ball Seed
The new Pretty series of petunias was selected for its superior genetics and performance. These seed-grown petunias use less growth regulators and are suitable for cold-growing regimes. Their better branching habit has improved airflow for less disease and prettys also have a tight bloom window. All top-selling colors ship at the same time.