Syngenta Celebrates Bonzi’s 25th Anniversary

Syngenta Celebrates Bonzi’s 25th Anniversary

Since it was first labeled for use on ornamentals in 1982, Bonzi plant growth regulator (PGR) from Syngenta has long been regarded as a gold standard for PGRs for the greenhouse industry. Bonzi has been shown to consistently keep plants uniformly compact, hardy and well-proportioned.

Research conducted by universities over the past 26 years, such as the Poinsettia Height Control program conducted by the University of Florida, has shown that implementing a program that includes regular applications of Bonzi to crops like poinsettias helps produce plants with enhanced appearance, better blooming, improved shipping characteristics and shelf life. Additionally, because it slows vertical growth within three to five days after application, Bonzi can help reduce associated labor and fertilizer costs, and maximize plant production consistency.


“The introduction of Bonzi represented a milestone for the nursery and greenhouse industries,” says Eduardo Moreira, ornamental market manager for Syngenta. “With it, growers are able to produce compact, beautifully strong plants at the time of shipping.

“Bonzi is still the standard by which other PGRs are measured. This is because no other similar product available today has the proven performance track record of Bonzi, and no other PGR manufacturer offers the kind of after-the-sale support that Syngenta does. Bonzi is truly an exceptional product, and has earned its reputation as the ‘go-to’ PGR for many growers.”

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