Syngenta’s Tech Support Reach Grows

Syngenta’s Tech Support Reach Grows

Got a technical question about your crop? Syngenta Flowers’ technical support team is bound to have an answer.

Syngenta beefed its technical support team up to 17 representatives since last year’s California Spring Trials, and those representatives are reaching out to growers in a variety of ways these days. Syngenta technical support is online at, and growers can submit questions to the team by e-mail at [email protected]. E-mails will generally receive a response within 24 hours.


“Growers can send photos to us, and eight times out of 10 we can figure out what the problem is just via the photo,” says Don Snow, technical services manager. “If we need to dig deeper, we can ask for samples.”

Syngenta isn’t limiting its support to its own seed and vegetative lines, either. Snow says the technical support team will answer questions about anyone’s genetics. The team’s goal is to be a leading resource for growers regardless of whose genetics are impacted.

“The more we help the grower, hopefully the easier his job becomes,” Snow says.

One developing feature of Syngenta technical support online is a weekly tech tip. As of today, 13 weekly tech tips are already available to growers, and Syngenta representatives like Jane Trolinger, Karl Trellinger and Snow are providing the information. Tips are very focused on topics like plug management, germination and young plant mixes for plugs.

Syngenta also produces technical newsletters, videos, whitepapers and, of course, webinars like the ones found on GGTV Channel 7 to help growers succeed.

Learn more about Syngenta technical support online at