Top New Plants Recognized at IPM Essen in Germany

Top New Plants Recognized at IPM Essen in Germany

One of the highlights of IPM Essen, held annually in Germany 2017, is the Innovation Showcase, which recognizes the best in new plant varieties.

Presented by the Central Horticultural Association (ZVG) and Messe Essen, this year’s top plant innovations were honored at the event, with new varieties recognized in six categories.


The zonale Pelargonium ‘Brocade Fire Night’ from Dümmen Orange in Rheinberg won the IPM Innovation 2017 award in the Bedding and Balcony Plant category. It is described as “a graceful ornamental foliage plant with enchanting unfilled red-orange flowers. The number of flowers is impressive and is particularly characteristic of this geranium variety. It is easy to care for since the flowers hardly sprinkle, and it has compact and well-branched growth. ‘Brocade Fire Night’ flowers throughout the summer and is suitable as a solitaire in a tub and in combination with other plants in a balcony box or in a bed. With its retro style, it is an interesting product for young consumers, too.”

The Mandevilla sanderi ‘Mini Scarlet’ from MNP Flowers in the Netherlands received the IPM Innovation 2017 award in the Tub Plants category. According to judges, “it is supplementing the mandevilla range with an absolutely special type. Its tenderness is reminiscent of gloriosas, particularly due to the narrow shape of its flowers. The many flowers show themselves in an open form, have a radiant long-distance effect, and blossom continuously. The delicate character extends the area of utilization. The mini type is suitable for a small balcony but is just as appealing on a spacious terrace.”

The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘Petit Orange’ from Graff Breeding in Denmark received the IPM Innovation 2017 award in the Flowering Houseplant category. Judges said, “its two-colored, medium-sized, and narrow flowers in bright orange are particularly characteristic of this hibiscus. The abundance of flowers and buds makes the plants a particular gem. The structure is naturally compact and the foliage dark and shiny. The self-cleaning effect and the long lifetime are particularly consumer-friendly. It is an interesting supplement to the range not only as a flowering house plant but also for tubs outdoors.”

‘White Pearls,’ an alstroemeria from Könst Alstroemeria in the Netherlands, was the IPM Innovation Winner in the Cut Flowers category. Judges called it “precisely the right thing for a modern interior. It is characterized by an abundance of flowers. No matter whether as an individual flower stem or in a bouquet, the profusion of white flowers on ‘White Pearls’ catches the eye directly and makes it interesting for florists and flower lovers. Its sterile flowers extend the vase life, and the consumer will be pleased about the durability of three to four weeks.”

Picea abies ‘Little Santa’ from Baumschule Artmeyer in Hörstel was the IPM Innovation 2017 winner in the Woody Plants category. According to the commission, “a good marketing idea was implemented perfectly. The trend toward a second tree is receiving new nourishment with ‘Little Santa’ and is fulfilling the consumers’ wishes for small, compact Christmas trees. It has a good structure that is so stable that even the smallest tree can still be well-decorated without the branches sagging. That makes it the peculiarity in the range. Anybody who still has fun with a spruce in the summer, too, will certainly find a good use for it on the terrace or in the garden.”

The Helleborus Gold Collection ‘Ice N‘Roses’ (Helleborus x glandorfii) from Heuger Gartenbaubetriebe in Glandorf was the IPM Innovation 2017 winner in the Shrubs category. According to the judges, “the large representative flowers, the reliable flower base, and the early flowering characterize this helleborus and thus unite the good properties of Christmas roses, lenten roses, and black hellebores, which it has not been possible to unite until now: early flowering, colorful flowers, and robust character. It is a particular breeding achievement which was distinguished by the jury. For the consumer and the producer, it is an uncomplicated product that extends the range in a special way.”

This year, the jury thought that one innovation was worthy of a special prize. The Rosa polyantha ‘Sheralda Green Show’ from Twelve Energy Societa Agricola SRL in Italy was the Special Prize winner. “A highlight for every florist, it has absolutely nothing to do with a normal rose. Just a few leaves are located at the tips of its long, spiral, green stems. No matter whether as an individual presentation or processed in floral workpieces, it will always be a special eye-catcher. Furthermore, the proud owner of this cut flower can be pleased about its particularly long durability.”

Show Your Colours Award

On Thursday, Jan. 26, the Mentha requienii ‘Match & Moss Menthol’ from Van Son & Koot in Kaatsheuvel was awarded the Show Your Colours Award at IPM 2017. The plant “is a beautiful combination of emotion, experience, and fragrance and it is a special plant,” according to the professional jury, which awarded the prize in combination with the public vote. The prize was awarded to Thomas Staats by jury chairman Oliver P. Kuhrt in the BIZZ Holland stand.

Van Son & Koot sees the award as a recognition of its marketing approach.

“This prize is a crown on the work of our public relations and marketing department. We increasingly concentrate on experience and emotion, and this plant is a very good example. The prize motivates us to continue in this innovating way,” said Sales Manager Jeroen van Dongen.

The joint second place was for Salix gracilistyla ‘Mt. Aso’, submitted by Joh. Stolwijk & Söhne from Boskoop and Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Three Sisters,’ submitted by De Jong Plant B.V. from Boskoop.

The Show Your Colours Award IPM 2017 is a cooperation between trade fair organizations IPM and BIZZ Communications.