Dümmen Group Updates Confetti, Debuts New Mixes And Consolidates Genetics

Dümmen Group Updates Confetti, Debuts New Mixes And Consolidates Genetics

At two separate locations, the Dümmen Group presented its new take on several lines of plant genetics from the many companies under its brand umbrella. For the second year at Edna Valley Vineyards in San Luis Obispo, the Dümmen Group presented new varieties of Red Fox plants, alongside the HGTV HOME Plant Collection. Meanwhile, Dümmen Group held its second trial location about 30 minutes up the road, at BarrelHouse Brewery in Paso Robles. Both locations were beautiful settings, but the vineyard provided especially lovely panoramic views through the tasting room window.




Dümmen Group Stop 1: Edna Valley Vineyard, San Luis Obispo

Dümmen renewed its Confetti Garden image, going for more sophistication with a flare for creative and artistic expression in a Jackson Pollack-esque, paint-spatter style. The new logo will be included in all Confetti POP materials, including its new build-your-own Confetti Garden packs. The six-packs with handles provide large liners, two of each component plant for Confetti mixes, and will allow consumers to grab-and-go Confetti Gardens to take home and try to emulate their favorite mix. Six Confetti Gardens will be available in pack-form to start. Dümmen introduced 14 traditional Confetti Garden mixes for 2016 and showed seven experimentals, for a total of 29 new Confettis for 2016, including packs.

Dümmen’s Allen Hammer says Yolo lobularia has been a great add to the Glossy series of Confetti Gardens, and in the Rockin’ Sunset mix, the calibrachoa was changed out for a better selection.

“The nice thing about Confettis is that you can change one component and it changes the whole look of the mix, and with so many component plants to choose from, the possibilities are endless,” he says.

A new take on coleus is in coleus Confetti Garden mixes. In the Year of the Coleus, it’s a great opportunity. Two new varieties of coleus are available in the Mainstreet series, but Hammer says all the Dummen coleus varieties could be used in Confettis, because they’re all bred to have similar habits, thanks to the time and talents of Dr. David Clark and his coleus breeding team at the University of Florida.

Sun Standing is a new series of interspecific impatiens, bred for sunny exposures. The series is compact with a good color range in Light Lavender Aurora, Rose Aurora, Coral Aurora, Lavender, Hot Pink, Red Fire, White Cloud, Lilac Borealis, Cherry, Neon, Scarlet and Salmon Pink. Hammer says there are limited quantities available for next year.

‘Unbelievable First Kiss’  begonia is truly unbelievable, in the way that so many vibrant, beautiful pink flowers are standing up and staring straight at you. It’s a showstopper!

Other notable new varieties include:

  • The Piñata pentas series, a new genera for Dümmen. Varieties are compact and come in White, Lavender, Pink and Red.
  • The new My Darling diascia series, in Clementine, Peach, Berry and Melon.
  • A subseries of Yolo lobularia that includes Top Purple, Top Lavender and Top White. They’re even more compact and floriferous than the original Yolos, hailed for their control and flower power.
  • Rhine Hiemalis begonias ,Oh So Orange and Valentine Red, got a lot of attention.

Dümmen Group Stop 2: BarrelHouse Brewery, Paso Robles

The BarrelHouse Brewery stop offered a true look at the variety of genetics that are available within the Dümmen Group, aside from the original Red Fox brand. New varieties from the Ecke, Oro, Fides, Oglevee and Bartels brands were highlighted, and some efforts have been made to merge series that were duplicates or competing products. One example of this is in the geranium genetics; the Maestros were too similar to the Master Idols, so Dümmen combined the series to create the Maestro Idols, which according to the signage are “the best of two brews combined in a single batch.”

New introduction standouts included the new Confetti Garden mixes of various dianthus varieties, including the Sunflor Trio Confetti Garden and Odessa Trio Confetti Garden. In perennials, there were a number of pre-introduction varieties in gaura, penstemon and phlox, as well. The very popular, large Starsister dahlia series will be gaining new colors and potentially a standalone in Solosister dahlia.

Dümmen also asked for feedback on a new micro-flowered petunia, with a few different colors in the works. Flowers are very attractive and plentiful, and a little bigger than calibrachoa – but not much – and plants have a compact, trailing habit.