New Varieties Guide 2009: Speedling

New Varieties Guide 2009: Speedling

New Varieties Guide 2009: Speedling

Allure cyclamen
Osteospermum ‘Evita’



Trials hosted by Speedling in San Juan Bautista and coordinated by broker Henry F. Michell have really become a world tour. Participating companies include GGG Grünewald from Germany, Greenex from Denmark, Northern Innovators from British Columbia, Thompson & Morgan from United Kingdom, and Schoneveld Twello and Hem Genetics from The Netherlands. Cuttings producer Plant Source International (PSI) and horticultural packaging company MasterTag also exhibited.

Ranked at No. 3 on our Top 25 Young Plant Producers, Speedling is a leading transplant producer in both vegetables and ornamentals. The first ornamental Speedling grew as plugs was seed geraniums. Speedling has perfected its 10-week geranium plugs to finish for growers in a 4-inch pot in four to five weeks. Plants are budded and ready to bloom. Speedling also is helping growers save on freight with its “Pull and Pack” program, shipping four trays worth of geraniums without the trays – 275 plants.

Greenex, which represents kalanchoe breeder Jepsen, showed a new subseries in the Queen collection called African with a different type of darker foliage and outstanding outdoor performance. We were surprised to learn Jepsen obtained a utility patent on the double-flowered kalanchoes when Fides was first on the market with Calandivas, but did not pursue the patent. Greenex’s Torben Pederson says they have a friendly relationship with Fides but wanted to block others from entering the market. Another big line Greenex represents is Sunny osteospermums. A new color, ‘Evita,’ changes from white to blue.
Schoneveld Twello introduced three new cyclamen series, including the silver-leafed Picassos and Da Vincis. The new Allure series finishes 10 days faster than Macro.
Hem Genetics focuses on naturally dwarf annuals. Its latest breakthrough is the Twinny dwarf double snapdragons, with the award-winning peach.

• Queen kalanchoes – five new colors
• Sunny osteospermums – five new colors

• Flori gerberas ‘Maxi Mexican Pink,’ ‘Mini Peach,’ ‘Mini Ochre’ and ‘Mini Eyecatcher Red’

• Allure cyclamen, nine colors
• Da Vinci silver-leafed cyclamen, six colors
• Picasso silver-leafed cyclamen, seven colors

• Euryops ‘Double Sunshine Silver’
• Impassion osteospermums – eight new colors
• Starlia dahlias

• Corina viola series
• Jardina cyclamen series
• Midola cyclamen series
• Twinny dwarf double-flowered snapdragons

• Carnival morning glories
• Rudbeckia ‘Solar Eclipse’