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Focus On Dahlia Fertilizer

Dahlias can be grown from seed, plugs, liners or tubers. The newest dwarf varieties have brought intense color and appeal to our customers, which makes this crop a staple value-added selection for the early spring holidays. Fertility Early On In propagation, dahlias prefer to be kept in evenly moist media at a pH below 6

Focus On Fertility: Osteospermum

Osteospermum is a tender perennial, now classified outside of the dimorphotheca genus. In the more temperate climates, it can overwinter. However, when exposed to reoccurring frost or true freezing temperature, it will act as an annual. To homeowners, it goes by the common name of daisy or African daisy due to its flowers, which can

Focus On Fertility: Coleus

Coleus is a versatile plant that is favored in container and landscape settings due to its rapid growth and high tolerance to environmental conditions. To homeowners, it is known as the plant that almost anyone can grow well. Its varying and unique habits, from trailing to mounding, shade to sun and a rainbow of colors

Powerful Poinsettias

Producing poinsettias in today’s competitive market requires a great commitment of time and energy (and a bit of Tylenol). Taking steps that make your operation more sustainable can greatly increase your overall efficiency, reduce waste and boost your price per finished plant. Preventing nutrient imbalances that lead to deficiencies and toxicities can add a few

Growing Green: Water Soluble’s Place In Sustainability

It is not often that you see the words “mineral fertilizer” and “sustainability” in the same sentence. Responsible use of nutrients in regards to fertilization should be one of the main factors you consider when evaluating how your operation can become more sustainable. Is organic the only way to go or are there other solutions