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Jeffrey Rich ( is Florida & Gulf States Technical Representative, T&O and Aquatics at BioSafe Systems.

Removing The Mask Of Phytophthora

Phytophthora is the number one disease of floriculture and nursery crops nationwide. Here are some effective measures growers can take to reduce the occurance of this pathogen, known as “the plant destroyer.”

The Top 6 Reasons To Implement A Water Treatment Program For Irrigation Water

As the horticulture industry becomes more focused and attuned towards Best Management Practices, it has become all the more important for growers to take a good hard look at irrigation water quality. Water treatment strategies are more frequently involved today than ever before in Best Management Practices. Implementing a strategic water program can assist in

Green Cleaning Chemistries For The Greenhouse

The horticultural and aquatic industries are riddled with exposure to hard and soft chemistries, yet there is a lingering misconception of “green chemistry” or “soft chemicals.” Many people disregard the dangers of “hard chemicals” and falsely claim that they are cheaper and more effective. It is common for greenhouses to use chlorine and acids to