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Mary Lu Parks is a garden writer in Columbia, Mo. She can be reached at

The Power Of Service Learning Programs

Central Missouri Subcontracting Enterprise (CMSE) is a sheltered workshop that has provided employment for developmentally disabled adults for 40 years. CMSE subcontracts assembly work for dozens of manufacturers in central Missouri, like 3M, Quaker Oats, Square D, ABC Labs, plus hospitals and publishers. It had flourished until last year, when several clients cut back due

Color Is Contagious

Colorful landscapes attract the attention of gardeners and the media. Today, more businesses have caught the bug to enhance their corporate images with color. This increase in demand from landscapers can extend the growing season and be very profitable for growers. A stunning example is the corporate headquarters of Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance in Columbia,

Cuts Bloom In Missouri

Cut flower growers are alive and well in Missouri. Not carnations or long-stem roses, but specialty cuts that are field grown in the spring through the fall. Each season brings to market new colors, textures and fragrances in a variety of annuals, perennials, grasses, wild flowers and woody plants. They sell to florists, wholesalers, supermarkets and