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Shiv Reddy is a technical specialist with Sun Gro Horticulture and is based in California. You can eMail Reddy at

How To Water More Efficiently

In Greenhouse Grower’s last issue, we discussed concepts of physiology of plant water uptake. In this article, we’ll discuss physics concepts pertaining to growing media’s capacity to store and release water. Then, we’ll apply the concepts to improve your watering practices. Pores In Growing Media Different growing media have different capacities to store and supply

Water More Efficiently In The Greenhouse

Good quality water is becoming scarcer and more expensive. So naturally, greenhouse growers are looking for ways to reduce their water bills. More and more new products are coming to the market claiming to save water. However, growing media is still the most important factor in how successful a grower is when watering. A proper

An Eye On Phosoporus Nutrition

Ask a vegetable transplant grower: What is a high-quality transplant? The response invariably is not the largest plant, but a plant grown in a controlled manner. The growth characteristics of desired transplants go like this: – Transplants should be small, so the grower can grow thousands and thousands more in the same space and time.