Impressions Of Poinsettia Season

We asked growers what their impression of the 2009 poinsettia market was. Here’s how some of them responded:

“It was surprisingly good considering the economic climate.” – Jill West, Al’s Garden Center and Greenhouses

“Heating costs are making it harder and harder to grow poinsettias. Poinsettias are sluggish and getting harder to sell. We need to keep broadening our customer base.” – Mark Tepper, Orchard Hill Greenhouses

“Retail customers are willing to pay for better quality and size, but mass merchandisers are loathed to stock a higher price point poinsettia.” – Ann Detweiler

“Great except for those big companies that sold poinsettias for $1 as a loss leader. I can’t buy a cutting under a dollar much less grow it for three months!” – Lee Mizell, Schilling Greenhouses

“Our impression is a lot of garden centers have made the exceptionally bad decision to stop selling poinsettias.” – Jason Parks, Parks Brothers Greenhouses

“The 2009 poinsettia market was very busy. We saw an excellent sell-through with all of our wholesale clients as well as in our retail stores. Despite the economic worries, people were still purchasing poinsettias.” – Delray Kumm, Shamrock Nursery

“We thought it was very good but we never let our guard down and pushed until they were sold out. Our crop quality was very good. We computed our cost very closely and put ourselves in our ‘local’ market competitively. We did not have to discount. Price held to the end and we were effectively sold out in week 50.” – Kim W. Corey, Ace Begonias

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