Pleasant View Optimizes Shipping

Pleasant View Gardens (PVG) in Loudon, N.H. has introduced a Mode Optimization Shipping Program to choose the best mode of delivery for each customer. Transportation logistics for all PVG orders are now determined by the company’s shipping department with customers’ needs in mind.

“The transportation landscape has changed so much over the past few years,” says PVG’s President Henry Huntington. “FedEx has so many more options now, and with disposable pallet and carton options, there are so many ways to send and receive shipments. The idea with the Mode Optimization Shipping Program is to leave all our customers’ freight concerns up to us.”

He says PVG will take into consideration each customer’s unique situations when determining the best way to ship. Are they close to an airport? Is ground transportation cheaper, easier and faster? When does it need to arrive? What are the weather conditions?

“We’ll optimize each customer’s shipment to be the quickest, cheapest and safest mode of delivery, so that the plants arrive in prime condition,” Huntington says. “We’ll take on the shipping headaches so our customers can concentrate on the rest of their business.”

For more information, visit and click on Shipping, or call PVG at 603-435-8361.

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