Pushing Pallets

Pushing Pallets

Shipping nationally from the Northwest corner of the United States, Northwest Horticulture of Mt. Vernon, Wash., is always looking for ways to drive down delivery costs.

Ranked at No. 21 on our Top 25 Young Plant Growers, Northwest Horticulture produces perennials, groundcovers and landscape roses in more than a million square feet of greenhouse space and 600 additional acres of outdoor production.

The company’s new Pallet Shipper program has made truck shipping a viable option for growers looking for high quality plugs at a cost-effective price. The rush-resistant packaging system is stacked on pallets, delivering dormant trays to
growers’ doors.

“The Pallet Shipper stacking system allows air to circulate through the plants during shipping. Traditional boxed shipments don’t allow this,” says Richard Gigot, Northwest Horticulture’s director of sales and marketing.

Since the spring of 2006, the company has sent 70 percent of its truck shipments via the Pallet Shipper system. “It’s been a phenomenally successful program,” he says. “It works extremely well for the plants, our customers really appreciate the quality of the product, and it’s been working really well for us, too.”

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