Three Poinsettia Questions With K&W Greenery

Phyliss Williams of K&W Greenery in Janesville, Wisc., shares how K&W made poinsettias special for its customers.

Is the popularity of poinsettias waning at K&W Greenery?

We haven’t seen it this year. In fact, we just had a staff meeting this morning and talked about how we were up in November from the last couple of years and in particular, the poinsettias were up.

How do you make poinsettias special?

We do a couple things a little different. We offer free local delivery on poinsettias, just to encourage the purchase. We also have something called "Guaranteed Gorgeous." And that means that if they buy it and then leave it in their trunk overnight, we don’t care. Come on back in and we’ll give you a new one. That seems to take a lot of the anxiety out of it, because everyone at some time has killed a poinsettia.

K&W Greenery has the reputation for doing painted poinsettias the right way. Why do you think these decorated plants tend to get a bad rap?

Well, because many of them are done so badly. We have one person who does ours. He’s an art major and he looks at each one as a masterpiece. He doesn’t just put 20 of them down on the floor and get out the spray gun and airbrush them.

It gives us that little niche that makes us a little different. Each one is done individually, with multiple colors and a marbling effect. They’re pretty cool and even if you don’t like them, you like to look at them. And you know, anytime they’re looking at something it means they’re not getting in their car and driving away.

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