Dutch Breeder Builds North American Presence

Dutch Breeder Builds North American Presence

Already a global giant in young plants and cuttings, Beekenkamp is an up-and-coming breeder specializing in blooming potted plants, notably begonias. During the European Flower Trials, we visited with Sales Manager Martijn Kuiper, who will be growing Beekenkamp’s presence in the United States and Canada.

Growers were first introduced to Beekenkamp varieties through Floremara, a joint venture between Beekenkamp and Holtkamp Greenhouses. Now Beekenkamp will be working with additional brokers, including Express Seed, McHutchison, McGregor Plant Sales, Norseco and Northern Innovators. The Waterfall pendulous begonias have been a big hit so far, including the bright orange ‘Encanto Falls.’ Other items include a full line of Elatior begonias and poinsettias, dahlias, asters, helleborus, lavender, celosia and New Guinea impatiens.

Beekenkamp will have a booth at the OFA Short Course and Kuiper will be visiting growers and field trials this summer. His plans are to move to the United States and build Beekenkamp’s market share. Prior to coming to Beekenkamp, he grew up in a family business, where his father and grandfather were bedding plant growers in Holland. He also completed an internship in Apopka, Fla., and worked for Syngenta.

Ranked at No.2 on our Top 10 Cuttings Producers, Beekenkamp produces 635 million cuttings and produces 1.5 billion young plants a year at farms in Holland, France, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. The family-owned business produces vegetable plants, chrysanthemums, ornamental plants and has a packaging division.

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