What Excites You Most About Horticulture in 2019?

Customers at Lakeview FEATURE state of the industryOne of the questions we asked in Greenhouse Grower’s 2019 State of the Industry survey was, “What Excites You the Most About the Upcoming Season?” Whether it was the prospect of industry growth, or just experiencing the beauty of the greenhouse, it was clear growers are pumped to get the season started. Here’s just a sampling of what our readers said.

  • “Every season is fun and exciting. After 38 years in the business, I still enjoy the changing of the season each year.”
  • “New people moving to our area. Getting my workforce together again. The color; the beauty in the greenhouses.”
  • “Growth in the industry for the high demand for trees, shrubs, and propagation of harder to grow plants with better transplant ability.”
  • “Understanding new production trends and automation.”
  • “The challenge of doing better.”
  • “Hoping for good weather and quality plants.”
  • “New varieties.”
  • “We are excited to test our new perennials and to increase our offerings of tropical and succulents.”
  • “Just being able to do what I like to do.”
  • “Every new season gives us a fresh new start and a chance to learn from our past mistakes.”
  • “The changes we are making to stay ahead of the game!”
  • “We’ve managed to get much more visual and social traffic looking at us, and I’m expecting sales to go up next spring as a direct result of it all.”
  • •“The excitement of the users of our product.”
  • “Opportunity to meet more people and share our passion for plants.”
  • “We will be offering more edibles and are excited to see the continuation of the edible gardening trend.”
  • “New product launches and marketing initiatives that will allow our company to successfully build the triple bottom line, for ourselves, our customers, and our industry.”
  • “We were able to improve a lot of processes this year and the growing team has a lot of traction right now.”
  • “The move toward better quality excites me. I am very excited to see what happens as we implement new quality control practices and change our employees’ way of thinking about quality.”