Home Depot Rules As Top E-Commerce Site

For the month of June, Home Depot ranked No. 1 among home and garden e-commerce sites with 20 million unique visitors. This count is up 34 percent from June 2008. Unique visitors count each shopper once, no matter how many times they visit the site.

This jump in traffic is remarkably higher than usual, especially compared to previous months: May’s traffic was flat and April only grew by 1 percent compared to 2008’s results, reports Internet Retailer.

Here are the top seven online home and garden shopping sites in June (unique visitors and growth from prior year shown respectively):

-Home Depot, 20 million, 34 percent
-Lowe’s, 12.03 million, 8 percent
-The Home Shopping Network, 5.80 million, 45 percent
-eBay Home, 4.16 million, -59 percent
-Ikea, 2.46 million, 4 percent
-Pottery Barn, 1.50 million, -13 percent
-Jo-Ann.com, 1.42 million, -13 percent

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