James Greenhouses Is The Greenhouse Grower 2012 Operation Of The Year

James Greenhouses Is An Operation Of The Year Finalist

This is the second consecutive year Colbert, Georgia’s James Greenhouses has been a finalist for Greenhouse Grower’s Operation Of The Year. This grower of high-quality perennial plugs and liners has grown by leaps and bounds and currently produces more than 13 million vegetative perennial and annual liners per year.

Founded in 1998, James Greenhouses is a first-generation greenhouse business, and owners Ken and Leah James have built an operation that exemplifies current, high-quality production practices.

They grow in clean, modern facilities that are designed for propagation. In 80,000 square feet of production space, they utilize mist booms, under-bench hot water heat, sub-irrigation, naturally ventilated houses and computerized environmental controls. All are designed to keep quality up and costs down. James Greenhouses recently installed state-of-the-art shade and heat retention curtains and are planning additional energy saving retrofits. They plan for efficient future growth.

Both Ken and Leah have Bachelor’s degrees in horticulture from the University of Georgia, studying with Dr. Allan Armitage. Currently, James Greenhouses produces about 800 varieties of perennials, tropicals and specialty annuals, and works with a number of breeders around the world to provide high-quality, unique product to their customers. The Jameses are active in the industry, and are members of the Georgia Green Industry Association, OFA  and the Perennial Plant Association.

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