MIDAS Registration Renewed With No Time Limitation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently renewed the registration without time limitations for MIDAS, a broad-spectrum soil fumigant that controls a broad range of soil-borne diseases, nematodes, weed seeds and insects.

MIDAS, an Arysta LifeScience product, was developed as a replacement for methyl bromide. It received a time-limited commercial registration from the EPA for one year in October 2007, and it has since been registered for use in 47 states.

“The decision by EPA to renew the registration of MIDAS confirms the confidence we already had in this product as the right foundation for success for growers,” says Mike Allan, global product manager for MIDAS. “We have had a year’s time to examine the effectiveness of MIDAS in the fields and have witnessed its successful results first hand throughout the United States. Now growers have the confidence they need to make a seamless transition to MIDAS from methyl bromide.”

For more information on MIDAS, click here.

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