Understanding Plant Nutrition: The Series

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Understanding Plant Nutrition: An Introduction
Read about the basics on essential nutrients for plant growth, uptake of nutrients and pH’s effect on nutrient solubility.

Nutrient Sources: Media Cation Exchange Capacity
The authors take a look at the myth that cation exchange capacity is important to soilless media.

Limestone and pH
Why does limestone need to be added to soilless media? It’s all about pH management.

Limestone, Calcium And Magnesium
Limestone provides calcium and sometimes magnesium to container media. This article looks at the nutrient content of different types of limestone and how it influences calcium and magnesium levels.

Irrigation Water Alkalinity & pH
Water alkalinity and pH are two different measurements. This article explains the difference, how to interpret testing results and how to adjust management strategies accordingly.

Irrigation Water As A Nutrient Source
Water rarely contains enough primary macronutrients, but can be rich in secondary macronutrients. Check out this article for tips on making the most of your irrigation water.

Fertilizers And Media pH
Why are fertilizers classified as acidic or basic? And how do the reactions produced by the fertilizer affect media pH? Read this article to find out.

Fertilizers And Macronutrients
This article discusses macronutrient sources, fertilizer formulations and the application of fertilizer to crops.

Fertilizers And Micronutrients
Managing micronutrients is different from managing macronutrients. This article explains the differences and how to effectively apply micronutrients.

Controlled- And Slow-Release Fertilizers
Find out how fertilizing for an extended duration influence pH and nutrition management.

Managing Media pH
Read up on how media, lime, water and fertilizer interact to affect pH management.

Managing Media EC
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This article focuses on how to manage media nutrient levels based on soil test EC values.

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