The Evolution Of Plastic Packaging

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Plant packaging has been and will continue to be an integral and important part of the horticulture industry. We have enjoyed our industry role and look forward to continuing to provide creative solutions for growing, handling, transporting and displaying plants at retail.

Landmark Plastic, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2009, has taken a leadership role with the evolution of plastic plant packaging and growing products working hand in hand with growers.

Growers’ needs are the key for driving our creativity and innovation for the future of horticulture. We will continue to help growers find solutions to their packaging needs by collaborating with growers, retailers and allied suppliers in developing products that will provide the most efficient growing processes and best plant quality and will optimize greenhouse utilization and delivery costs. Along with our long-established sustainability practices and the ever-evolving advancements in technology, Landmark will continue to assist growers in differentiating themselves with creative container designs with outstanding consumer appeal.

Bob Merzweiler is CEO of Landmark Plastic Corporation.

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