Strategies For Resistance Management

Strategies For Resistance Management

There are a few new ways to reduce the likelihood of developing resistance to insecticides labeled for thrips. Scott Ludwig, a Texas AgriLife Extension Service entomologist and integrated pest management specialist who will discuss those methods and resistance issues in other pests at the 25th annual Pest Management Conference, recently shared a couple of thoughts on his topic as the conference approaches.

What is the significance of your topic and recent findings growers should know about?

“Insect pests go through cycles where they can be controlled and periods when the insecticides on the market are no longer effective. If proper insecticide resistance management plans are followed, then it is possible to prolong the length of the products that are currently on market. I will be discussing how growers can effectively manage thrips, whiteflies and other insects while preventing them from developing resistance.”

Can you give us a snapshot preview of what attendees can expect from your presentation?

“I will be discussing how to develop a pest management program that will help prevent the target pests from developing resistance to the insecticides used for their control. Since western flower thrips have become a hot topic recently, the presentation will mainly focus on this pest. I will also cover other insects that have a history of developing resistance such as whiteflies and leafminers.”

What are you most looking forward to about the conference yourself?

“Cristi Palmer, Jim Bethke and I spent a lot of time working with SAF on a program that would provide information that is timely and cutting edge. We also have more presentations and they are shorter in length than previous years. I look forward to interacting with the growers at the meeting to see what they think of the meeting. I hope that growers who have not attended in the past will consider attending the event this year.”

Ludwig is scheduled to present on strategies for resistance management from 1:15 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 20. The conference takes place from Feb. 19-21.

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