Turn To OHP For Solutions To Mum, Poinsettia Woes

Mums and poinsettias are always a challenge for ornamental growers. If it’s not the weather, it’s the lack of roots, or the bugs, or the foliar disease. Or the plants are too tall, too short, or not full. Sound familiar? While there are no silver bullets to cure all woes, there are solutions from OHP that can help make your life easier.


Poinsettias–thrips and whiteflies are often issues on poinsettias and mums along with fungus gnat larvae and mites. Aphids can be problematic on mums. OHP products labeled for thrips — Azatin®, Decathlon®, Discusâ„¢, Marathon®, Naturalis®, Pedestal®, and Pylon®. Azatin or Pedestal and Decathlon make a great tank mix for thrips control. Pylon has been effective in a thrips rotation.

OHP products labeled for whiteflies–all those listed for thrips control plus Adept®, Dimilin®, Judo, Kontos and Triact®. Use Marathon as a drench for long term whitefly control early in the crop cycle. Judo is color safe and can be used late in the crop as can the Azatin/Decathlon tank mix.

OHP product labeled for aphids–Azatin, Decathlon, Discus, Kontos, Marathon, Naturalis, and Triact. Imidacloprid, the active ingredient in both Discus and Marathon, is still unparalleled in controlling aphids. Kontos has also performed well. OHP products labeled for fungus gnats–Adept, Azatin, Decathlon (adults), Discus, Marathon, Naturalis (adults), and Pylon. OHP products labeled for mites–Floramite, Judo, Kontos, Pylon, Shuttle O, and Triact.


Many diseases can be problematic on both mums and poinsettias including pythium, phytophthora, rhizoctonia, fusarium, and others. OHP solutions for pythium, phytophthora, rhizoctonia, fusarium:

Pythium — Aliette®, FenStopâ„¢, Terrazole®
Phytophthora — Aliette, FenStop, Compass® O (aerial), Terrazole
Rhizoctonia — Compass O, OHP Chipco® 26019 N/G or OHP 26® GT-O, Terraclor®, Terraguard®, and Verandaâ„¢O
Fusarium — OHP 6672â„¢, OHP Chipco 26019 N/G or OHP 26 GT-O,Terraguard, and Veranda O

Plant Growth Regulation

On garden mums, B-Nine® has long been the plant growth regulator (PGR) of choice. B-Nine, applied roughly three weeks after pinch, will create a stockier plant. On poinsettias, the B-Nine and Cycocel® tank mix is quite often used until the beginning of short days in the North (consult label for Southern dates). After that point, Cycocel is used by itself until the Nov. 1 cut-off date (varies with geographic location). Paczol® can be used with success on poinsettias in several different ways as a spray or drench.

Paczol applied early as a spray to new lateral breaks works effectively to control growth. As a low dose drench early in the poinsettia crop, Paczol can be very effective at controlling height without reducing bract size. OHP has recently published two brochures — Mum Solutions and Poinsettia Solutions — which address these issues and more. Call 800-356-4647 for information.

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