Berry Family Building Brand Around Simplification

Pots & Tags

Packaging, merchandising and marketing all play a huge role in consumer success, and the way the Berry Family of Nurseries handles Forever & Ever Plants is a good example of a grower embracing those elements.

The Berry Family of Nurseries partnered with Horticultural Printers to design a consistent, cohesive look to build elevate the brand. The Horticultural Printers team helped the Berry Family of Nurseries design tags, signage, trade ads, brochures, a consumer website and even a tradeshow booth.

“There is a narrow window of opportunity to capture an audience’s attention in today’s fast-paced world,” says Brett Jones, vice president of sales and marketing at the Berry Family of Nurseries. “Our informative, integrated marketing program attracts, educates and promotes success and satisfaction at both the retail and consumer levels.”

The Forever & Ever brand’s plant tags feature multiple product-in-action pictures and include 2D mobile tagging codes linking to the Forever & Ever Plants website for additional information about care and use in the landscape.

Forever & Ever pots also stand out in the sea of black grower pots with their hand-picked, on-trend hues. Forever & Ever Groundcovers are especially difficult to miss with their unique green and purple pot, tray and tag combination.

“Color has made a comeback in fashion, and the plant world has not been excluded,” Jones says.

In addition to the tag, a component of the groundcover category marketing program re-design is display rack signage. Working closely with Horticultural Printers, attractive, informative signage was developed for Forever & Ever Groundcover racks, which are merchandized prior to shipment.

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