Green Roofs For The West Symposium Debuts

The inaugural Green Roofs for the West Symposium will be held at the Denver Botanic Gardens on June 18. The event will feature a full day of in-depth sessions led by well-known speakers who include Tom Liptan, the innovator of the green roof program in Portland; Edmond Snodgrass, co-author of Green Roof Plants; and Panayoti Kelaidis, senior curator and director of outreach at the Botanic Gardens.

The symposium will aim to “inform professionals about green roof viability and implications in the West, and lay the groundwork to influence policy in Denver and the Intermountain West,” reports the North Denver News. There will be two panel discussions, which will include regional experts and architects. They will discuss green roof design, green jobs, storm water management and public policy.

The Gardens’ own green roof showcases more than 50 species and varieties of plants, all drought tolerant. To learn more about this event, click here.

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