Rolling Carts, Weekend Deliveries Are Musts

Growers need to continue to improve on efficiencies that will have a mutual benefit to both the retailer and the grower. Some of these efficiencies include:

- Delivering product on rolling carts to help save time unloading.

- Bar coding product by color and variety. This can help both the retailer and the grower gather more information and make more informed decisions.

- Making weekend deliveries. This is especially important during the peak season. Weekend deliveries help growers because automobile traffic is lighter on the weekends. So growers can spend more time delivering and less time in traffic.

We have a close relationship with our principle growers. We believe it’s very important to be partners with our best growers. They know we expect the highest quality product at a fair price. We work together to offer promotional items, and our best vendors help us keep in stock by offering us quick, next-day and, at times, same-day delivery.

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