Greenhouse Grower Thrilled To Honor 2014 Medal of Excellence Winners

Greenhouse Grower announced its Medal of Excellence winners at the Evening of Excellence, held Monday, July 14 in Columbus, Ohio, at Cultivate’14. Check out the breeders, growers and new varieties that earned the Medal of Excellence awards for 2014.


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4 comments on “Greenhouse Grower Thrilled To Honor 2014 Medal of Excellence Winners

  1. debbie thorne

    Sorry I missed the event this year! I’m curious what plant won the Medal of Excellence in the Perennial Category?

    1. Janeen Wright

      Salvia ‘Blue Marvel’ won the perennial category. The winners of the perennial, annuals and Best of the Rest categories then go head-to-head as finalists. Calibracho Kabloom Series from PanAmerican Seed was the overall winner.

  2. Mr. Kyle fletcher Baker, MCN

    I have to laugh each time i hear that ‘Endless Summer’ wins something….They sure did market the hell out of the plant…then had to come out with two different Fertilizers when they realized it would bloom pink or blue instead of just blue…now 5-8 years in we’re seeing people rip them out by the dozens as they suffer severe winter kill here in Maine..and are a dog of a plant….

    As for the Kabloom Calibrachoas…I’d be willing to try them as the Proven Winners Calibrachoa’s are also dogs…bad growth…necrotic foliage…(i’ve never used so much Iron Chelate on a plant)…

    As for Dan Heims plants…well they just don’t do here in Maine….rot…attractive to Black Vine Weevil and short lived…just not worth offering anymore….so they were dropped…the same for the Heucherellas… just can’t get them to live more than 2 years maximum.

  3. Mr. Kyle Fletcher Baker, MCN

    I have to laugh each time i hear about some rave review of ‘Endless Summer’….an award for the over the top marketing of a horrid plant? wow…..Here in Maine they bloom pink or blue depending on the soil…maybe that’s why they had to come out with two different fertilizers…they don’t do well at all here in Maine….rarely blooming to the point customers are ripping them out.

    I’d be interested in the Kabloom Callibrachoa’s….they have to be better than anything Proven Winners has to offer.

    Terra Nova has beautiful stuff….unfortunately it has a life of 1-2 years here in Maine due to death by root rot or Black Vine weevil….have given up on all Terra Nova cultivars as well as their Heucherella’s…