Dosatron Fertilizer Injector Gets A Lift

Dosatron Fertilizer Injector Gets A Lift

Need to connect your Dosatron fertilizer injector to the DosaCart? The company has produced a quick hookup kit to help users connect the D14-14 GPM injector to the DosaCart. The kit includes a 200-mesh filter, check valve, hoses and connections.

The kit will allow users to install their Dosatron using only an adjustable wrench. The kit features a low garden hose hookup design to help balance the cart and avoid tip-over. It’s available wherever Dosatron fertilizer injectors are sold.

“We wanted to provide our customers with an easy, safe way to assemble the DosaCart system,” says Lela Kelly, vice president of Dosatron. “This new kit is the perfect solution.”

Dosatron also recently joined the Water Education Alliance for Horticulture to participate in the program’s water quality and treatment workshops. To Kelly, the company’s participation in the program is a natural fit.

“With 25 years of expertise in the Horticultural field, we feel it necessary to be part of this important movement,” she says.  “We look forward to contributing to the Alliance’s efforts to find solutions for the water treatment challenges of the future.”

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