Goodbye To Yesterday

Goodbye To Yesterday

Don’t think of this as goodbye. Think of this as I’ll see you in cyberspace.

With this issue, I’m handing the reins of the print magazine over to our Associate Editor, Kevin Yanik, and taking on my new title of Online Editor of Greenhouse Grower. Now instead of managing Greenhouse Grower the magazine, I’ll manage the Greenhouse Grower Web site, located at We also welcome Assistant Editor Pete Mihalek onto our staff this month.


It’s a very exciting time for me personally, and I think it’s an exciting time for Greenhouse Grower and Meister Media Worldwide. We’re making the investments in people and technology that will help us stay connected to the industries we serve through the Web. There are no rules online. We’ve broken free of the time constraints of a monthly magazine with our new site and e-newsletter, Benchrunner, which bring you more timely news than a monthly magazine can deliver. The Web also lets us share more, because there’s no page count in cyberspace.

These new tools have already helped us do our jobs better. Now I hope they help you do yours. I encourage you to subscribe and watch our new FloriCAST podcast series and stay tuned for more original content you can find only online.

Greenhouse Grower the magazine is what we’ve built our brand name on for a quarter century. We hope that you stick with us for the next 25 years as we venture onto the Web. Since the best way to find information these days seems to be the Internet, I think we’ll be giving you plenty of reasons to stick around.

Getting Into The Race

As an editor, I attend publishing conferences, where expert speakers preach to us about the digital future. We hear a lot about all the new tools that can help us connect to you better–Twitter, Blogger, Google, Facebook and And I think these experts are right on target. Ten years ago, I couldn’t have imagined these crazy ways of connecting, but here they are.

The best part of the new system is that it’s a whole paradigm of journalism. It’s no longer a one-way street. You have questions, but you also have answers. And we’ve already heard from you in the two months our new site has been live. Keep talking. When we’re way off base, let us know. And we wouldn’t mind if you let us know if we hit the bullseye now and then.

You won’t see as much of me in the magazine, but I won’t be far away.

You can still visit me at my blog at or at See you there.