Special Tag Program For Pretty Much Picasso

Special Tag Program For Pretty Much Picasso

Special Tag Program For Pretty Much Picasso

Pleasant View Gardens has designed a tag program to help growers and retailers maximize the Proven Winners brand on hanging baskets of the new Pretty Much Picasso Supertunia.

“Research shows that when you sell Proven Winners product in Proven Winners pots with the Proven Winners tag and POP, you sell five times as many plants,” says Pete Gilmore, Pleasant View Gardens’ national sales manager. “Our customers said, ‘Give us options.’ We gave them the tools to also quintuple sales in a hanging basket, because that’s where Pretty Much Picasso just shines. When our customers give us feedback, we really listen.”


Gilmore says industry response to the tag program has been positive.

“Customers appreciate having a choice,” he says. “They’re able to reduce tag waste by 100 percent, and for Pretty Much Picasso we’re seeing the hanging basket tag exchanged with stick stake tags at a 4-to-1 rate.”

The tag program starts with Foil Kote, John Henry’s revolutionary reflective foil printing technology. Successful in the pharmaceutical and entertainment industries, Foil Kote had yet to be employed in floriculture.

“We worked with John Henry to make a tag that nobody’s ever seen before,” says Carol Huntington, Pleasant View’s marketing manager. “That’s why we used their Foil Kote technology–no other greenhouse has used it.”

One of the most advanced coatings in the John Henry arsenal, Foil Kote is designed to create a value-added, upscale look for any product. With Foil Kote in their design, the new Pretty Much Picasso hanging basket tags catch both the light and consumers’ interest, pulling them toward purchases and answering growers’ needs.

“Pleasant View is very forward thinking in this application,” says Rick Vulgamott, national director of sales for John Henry. “These tags represent their attitude of consistently bringing to market something consumers are definitely looking for.”

For more information about Pleasant View or the Pretty Much Picasso Supertunia program, visit Pleasant View online at PWPVG.com.