Top 25 Innovations For Producing Greenhouse Floriculture Crops

Top 25 Innovations For Producing Greenhouse Floriculture Crops

Twenty-five years ago, Greenhouse Grower spun out of American Vegetable Grower magazine as its own publication focused on greenhouse floriculture production and markets. We begin our year of fun features with a list of the top 25 most significant innovations that advanced greenhouse crop production.

Twenty leading growers and industry experts helped us rank more than 120 inventions and discoveries in importance on a scale of 1 to 10. While a ranking of 1 was “not important or relevant,” a ranking of 10 was “revolutionary, completely changed the industry.” With the 20 evaluators, the most points an innovation could have received is 200. The innovations were sorted into 14 categories to group related products and concepts together.


1) Plugs

2) Seeders

3t.) Carts/Rolling Racks

3t.) Photoperiod (long days versus short days)

5.) Plant Growth Regulators

6.) Plastic Plug & Liner Trays

7t.) Barcoding

7t.) Internet

9t.) Plant Tags

9t.) Temperature Controlled Transport

11.) Computerized Systems

12.) Liners/Rooted Cuttings

13.) Transplanters

14t.) DIF (manipulating day and light temperature to influence plant growth)

14t.) Electronic Data Interchange

16t.) F1 Hybrids

16t.) Plastic Flats

18.) Chemical Injectors

19.) Gutter-Connected Greenhouse Structures

20t.) Peat Moss

20t.) Tissue Culture

23t.) Insecticides & Miticides

23t.) Water Soluble Fertilizer

25t.) Federal Express/UPS and Other Carriers

25t.) Programmable Booms

25t.) Web Sites

Agree or disagree? Are these the 25 most significant innovations? You can complete the survey yourself. It takes about a half hour. We’ll post the new results in the Jan. 30 edition of Benchrunner.

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