New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts



TriStar 30 SG is a foliar insecticide with broad spectrum control of key, economically important insect pests like aphids, mealy bugs, caterpillars, whiteflies, thrips, leaf-eating beetles and leafminers. TriStar 30 SG is odorless, mixes easily and is compatible with many tank mix partners. It’s now available in 2-pound containers.

Easy Reading

Northwest Horticulture:

The Big Green Book, a 136-page catalog of information and suggestions to help growers succeed in the greenhouse and nursery, is now available. The book has information on quality cuttings, plugs and field-grown liners, and also details programs growers can use for their perennials, roses and ornamental grasses. A selection guide for choosing the right varieties and colors and a planning matrix are included, as well.

Innovative Pot


The TEKU Premium Pot comes in all common sizes and shapes and with multi-hole, three-level drainage to provide faster irrigation and better aeration. The facet rim makes destacking easy and processing smooth.

Cooling Down


The QC36DVS, a QuietCool Portable Evaporative Cooler, has a five-eighths hp motor that produces 12,300 cubic feet per minute of cooling air for about 2,500 square feet. The cooler offers growers in small greenhouses the flexibility of being able to move the unit to areas they want cooled when the need arises.

White Shading


OLS White is an external screen that, unlike black shades, reflects light and heat away from plants. It is made with highly reflective white films and does not retain heat during the night. Instead, it provides daytime shade to cool greenhouse temperatures. OLS White also has an open structure that allows air and moisture to pass through easily. It can be manufactured in 30-percent, 40-percent or 50-percent shading.

Healthy Roots


Deep Drip tree watering stakes promote healthier trees by applying water, oxygen and fertilizer directly to root zones. These durable stakes can be incorporated into automatic irrigation systems, and are available in 14-inch, 24-inch and 36-inch lengths. Built to withstand environmental conditions, stakes are constructed from tough ABS plastic and feature an ABS cap for sledge hammer installation.

More Moisture


Zeba is a unique starch-based superabsorbent granule that acts to provide increased moisture availability to plants. The immense size and weight of its molecular structure allows each Zeba granule to absorb over 400 times its original weight in water. As more water enters the soil, Zeba repeatedly hydrates and releases captured moisture, on demand for a year or more, as plants need it.