This Year’s Top Horti Fair Products

This Year’s Top Horti Fair Products

Hundreds of new products and services are introduced at Horti Fair each year, but only a handful are nominated by an international jury of experts for the Horti Fair Innovation Award. This year, 18 products and services were nominated, including 10 in a Horti Tech category. Those products are as follows:

– The Lumenex 5.60 from Boal Systemen, a new greenhouse roof that has an advantage of translucence in addition to the Double PVC system for improved energy control, water tightness and durability.


– i4Energy from Hoogendorn, an application that collects all information relating to crops, climate and energy.

Hortiquip’s staking machine, which uses triangle laser technology to position stakes, including the automatic fitting of clips.
–The Knook ‘Waste to CO2’ from Knook Energy Solutions International, a process for the conversion of biomass into electricity, carbon dioxide and heat.

– The Active Ventilation System (AVS) from van Dijk Heating, a system that uses relatively dry outside air for the dehumidification of greenhouse air, making a substantial difference to natural gas consumption with good air distribution ensuring maximum efficiency.

– The LT gauge pressure humidity control system from Lek/Habo Groep, which eliminates humidity problems in growing floricultural and vegetable crops.

– Energiewand from Maurice Kassenbouw, a ventilation system integrated into the side wall of a greenhouse for savings on energy and carbon dioxide, the basic version of which regulates humidity and uses the screens to save energy.

– The Qlure-TUA from Russell IPM, a Tuta absoluta pheromone lure for the monitoring and mass trapping of the tomato leaf miner Tuta absoluta.

– The Lemnis Oreon COMBI 16W/E27 from Lemnis Lighting, which replaces a 100-watt incandescent lamp used for cyclic lighting and produces an equal amount of PAR light with more than 80 percent less energy.

– The SanAquastore from Wilk van der Sande, which uses advanced technology to store clean rainwater underground and pumps it back up again.

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