Svensson’s Newest Harmony Screens

Svensson’s Newest Harmony Screens

Svensson's Newest Harmony Screens

The newest products to the Harmony series of screens answer two of a grower’s greatest needs: efficient heating and cooling and more profitable production.


The market got its first look at the Harmony series during 2008 International Horti Fair, when Svensson introduced five solar reflection Harmony F screens with proven high-performance cooling. Testing at a specialty rose greenhouse in southern Spain clearly showed that the Harmony F screens, designed in an open structure integrating Svensson’s white strips, offered high-grade light diffusion, which allows for greater light delivery into the canopy. The results were excellent cooling, improved plant quality and shortened production time.

Now, the newest Harmony screens deliver the cooling and light diffusion benefits, plus the power for energy savings, helping growers manage rising heating costs and overall production expenses.

All Harmony products are made from flame-retardant materials and meet the highest safety standards.

The new Harmony solar reflecting and energy saving screens are:

– XLS 35 Harmony Revolux
–XLS 45 Harmony Revolux
–XLS 55 Harmony Revolux
–XLS 65 Harmony Revolux
–XLS 75 Harmony Revolux

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