Colorama Wholesale Nursery

Colorama Wholesale Nursery

City: Azusa, CA

Owner: Richard Wilson

Environmentally controlled square footage: 1,591,196

Shade house square footage: 400,480

Field production area: 148 Acres

Percentage of production space under permanent environmentally controlled structure devoted to each crop:

Ornamental bedding plants 35% 
Flowering potted plants


Container perennials 10%
Plugs and propagation material 20%
Vegetables  15%
Other  5%

Which stores do you serve: Ace Hardware, Costco, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, Walmart, independent garden centers

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3 comments on “Colorama Wholesale Nursery

  1. Nancy

    I recently moved to Palmdale, CA from Jacksonville, FL. I am having a problem learning what grows here in the high desert. I hav e only been able to find one book on Western Gardens and it is not much help, due to the fact I'm never quite sure which plants are actually sold at the local home improvement stores. I have a steep sloped back yard area in which I would love to design and other sections in the back yard… all areas the ground is ROCK hard!!! What is the best way to break ground and what should I use to ammend it? I'm concerned about the slope area and things(especially seeds) being washed away with any rainfall. I could really use an advisor!!

  2. steve karl

    hello staff, i am commenting on not being able to find your veg. products in most of the stores you mention. i live in palmdale area. last year i had some of your products, they were the best we have ever this year we can't find them. we had a 6 pack of bell peppers asst colors grow into oct.cherry tom. grow into nov. strawberries into nov. did not die off, still have 3 plants, gave some to friends. please let me know where i can find. thank you, steve karl

  3. N. Johnson

    I purchased a plant it simply says "Camile" leaves are white and green and it doesnt flower to my knowledge but all theleaves are developing brown spots an it could you please tell me its name and what I should do with it?