Biologicals Go Boom

Agriculture Sciences, Inc.

The biochemical nematode suppressant Sincocin has received EPA approval to adjust timing and rates of application. Sincocin suppresses plant pathogenic nematodes by disrupting their ability to locate growing roots that are susceptible to penetration. 

BioLogic Company

The new sprayable dispersible formulation of Hort ScanMask beneficial insect-killing nematodes are especially effective for killing fungus gnat larvae. Now available in 100, 50, and 25 million active unit sizes (25 million AUs treat 1,315 square feet). 

BioSafe Systems

TerraClean Broad Spectrum bactericide/fungicide is designed for drip irrigation use to suppress pathogens such as Pythium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia. With a zero-hour restricted entry interval (REI), TerraClean’s oxidation chemistry penetrates soil, suppressing and killing pathogens, as well as enhancing nutrient uptake by oxygenating root zones.

GreenCleanPro is a granular algaecide for applications on walkways, under benching systems, in irrigation ponds and collection systems to prevent the growth of moss, algae and disease pathogens to create a disease-controlled growing environment. 

BioWorks, Inc.

Effectively control insect pests using BotaniGard and Mycotrol O mycoinsecticides as a stand alone, tank mix partner or in rotation. With a four-hour REI, large and diverse ornamental, herb and vegetable crop lists and multiple use sites, they are safe and compatible with most insecticides and beneficial insects. Mycotrol O is Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) approved for organic production.

PlantShield HC has been improved to make wetting, mixing and suspension easier. The new reformulation wets faster and stays in suspension better. With a 0-hour REI, PlantShield HC offers up to 12 weeks of root disease control and prevention of Pythium, Fusarium, Cylindrocladium, Rhizoctonia and Thielaviopsis on plant roots. It is registered for root disease control on greenhouse and outdoor ornamentals, herbs and vegetables and is OMRI listed.

Growth Products

Companion liquid biological fungicide is registered for use for prevention, control and suppression of root and foliar diseases such as root rot, blight, wilt, bottom and stem rot. Companion has multiple modes of action in preventing, controlling and suppressing plant diseases, producing a broad-spectrum antibiotic and triggering induced system resistance by activating the plant’s natural immune system, stimulating healthier roots and accelerating plant growth. 

Interglobe Agro Bionatural

Bioplin, Nutritech and Nutri-Foliar are biological inoculants for soil and foliar applications that help reduce chemical inputs, induce drought tolerance and improve uptake of plant nutrients. They are OMRI listed for organic production. 

IPM Laboratories

The cereal aphids used in Aphid Guard do not attack most broad-leaved greenhouse crops and help sustain aphid predators. After they multiply, natural enemies are introduced and feed on the cereal aphid. Once the predators are established, they can be sustained by adding more banker plants once or twice a month. 

Natural Industries

A label expansion for Actinovate SP biological fungicide was recently approved for outdoor applications and bulb dusting for crops such as caladium, iris, tulip, daylily and others. Actinovate SP contains a high concentration of Streptomyces lydicus strain WYEC 108, a plant colonizing microorganism that attacks harmful fungal pathogens. As a drench, Actinovate SP is effective against Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Phytophthora and other root rots. As a spray, Actinovate SP is effective against powdery mildew, Botrytis, rust and others. Actinovate SP is a 100 percent water soluble powder and is approved for organic and conventional use. 

St. George Co.

The Sulfume Sulfur Vaporizer is can provide effective control of powdery mildew, blackspot and Botrytis in roses and other flowers.

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  2. Hello,

    We came across your Biologicals Go Boom page and thought your readers might be interested in our website. We are an authorized distributor for BioSafe Systems and carry both of the products listed on this page:



    Please feel free to provide your readers with a link to these pages, at your discretion. Thanks for you attention.

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