Green Fuse Becoming A One-Stop Shop

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Green Fuse Becoming A One-Stop Shop

Green Fuse has always been well known as a place to pick up items like ipomoea. Now, the company is broadening its offerings to give growers the option of shopping in one spot.

Petunias are a good example of Green Fuse’s broader portfolio. While the Blanket petunias add one new color in ‘Midnight Velvet’ that growers are bound to be asking for, a new, very mounded series is now available in Good and Plenty.

“The petunia allows us to take a lot of big orders,” Green Fuse’s Steve Jones says. “We would like to fill up a shopping cart.”

Green Fuse is introducing a verbena series in Vivid, as well. Jones’ goal was to provide a verbena that’s resistant to downy mildew. After four years of development, Jones found his answer in Vivid, whose varieties are also uniform.

A compact, colorful hydrangea series also caught the eyes of those who visited Green Fuse at this week’s California Spring Trials. Although Green Fuse originally listed Helium hydrangea as an experimental series, Jones indicates Helium is just about ready for market.

“This is a liner finished type,” Jones says. “It uses a PGR.”

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Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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