Lofos Lophospermums From Suntory

Lofos lophospermums from Suntory

Lofos is unique and totally different bedding plant bred by Suntory Flowers Ltd. This variety features large trumpet- shaped flower and heart-shaped dark green foliage with delicately serrated edge. Two varieties are available in the market. Pure White is added to exquisite Wine Red. This marvelous vine blooms early and throughout the most of the year. Lofos is easy to grow and it is as vigorous as ipomoea and resistant to major disease and pests. Lofos is perfect for a hanging basket or patio containers with its trailing habit, dense foliage and elegant vines. Use it in window or balcony boxes or use it as a vine against a wall or trellis. To make plants climb, some guides will be required. Depending on the climate, Lofos is a tender or a half-hardy plant. It can grow well in the warmth but will also just continue to grow and flower in the cooler season. It is moderate in water use and always has flowers whether it is raining, hot or cold.

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