13 New Native Plants And Nativars For Going Green [Slideshow]

Native plants are becoming a bigger part of living green, as consumers become more aware of the role regional native plants play in promoting biodiversity in the garden, in urban landscapes, and in habitat restoration. Native plants can help with soil erosion and runoff volume and act as a filter to reduce or eliminate pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals before they reach water supplies. They are hardy, low maintenance, and drought tolerant once established, and they provide food and habitat for native wildlife.

For greenhouse growers, there are niche opportunities in the native plant market to supply plants for urbanscapes and green infrastructure, as well as for modernized landscape designs that blend native plants, nativars, and grasses into informal, low maintenance landscapes that imitate nature.


Here are 13 new native plants breeders are offering to consider for your product mix. However, before you make your selections, do you homework and make sure the natives you are supplying are a good fit for your region and not invasive to surrounding local areas.