ThinkPlants Adds New Perennials Supplier

Agastache Poquito Dark Blue Terra Nova James GreenhousesJames Greenhouses, an Athens, GA-based young plant grower that provides perennial liners to growers nationwide, is now part of the ThinkPlants network of breeders, growers and suppliers.

ThinkPlants founders Danziger and Syngenta Flowers North America confirmed the addition of James Greenhouses to the group, in which a majority of the ThinkPlants product offering will now be available in liner or plug form from James Greenhouses. Together, these participants will work to enhance another level in the supply chain for perennials to North American nursery growers.


“The strategic collaboration allows James Greenhouses to provide top genetics from the ThinkPlants group to our diverse group of customers,” says Ken James, owner of James Greenhouses. “We are happy to be a part of this new offering and believe the ThinkPlants initiative is successfully providing an efficiency in resources in a range of great genetics to the North American grower.”

James Greenhouses’ participation with ThinkPlants adds a new level of supply chain participation within the ThinkPlants group and follows the recent additions of Terra Nova Nurseries, Kapiteyn, Unex, and new genetics from KiwiFlora.

“I have worked with James Greenhouses for many years and am very happy to have such a highly respected perennial liner supplier as a part of our group,” says Joey Wiseman, head of ThinkPlants. “With the participation of James Greenhouses, we are supporting our commitment to making perennial programs easier and more efficient for growers, brokers, and retailers.”

Danziger, Syngenta, and Terra Nova Nurseries offer respective perennial portfolios in the U.S. and Canada under the ThinkPlants initiative. Kapiteyn b.v. of Breezand, the Netherlands, the breeder and supplier of Captain Callas, provides top-quality bulbs to the program. Unex USA, LLC, a supplier of bareroot perennials and bulbs from Holland, offers bare root perennials and bulbs in North America for ThinkPlants. Each ThinkPlants participant brings expertise in plant breeding, horticulture, technical support, supply chain, sales, and marketing. It is the strength of these companies working together to offer this expertise, which creates such an important resource for consumers and the North American nursery industry.