Four Ways You Can Better Communicate With Your Team And Your Industry

Four Ways You Can Better Communicate With Your Team And Your Industry

CareerUP-SpeakersCareerUP is an AmericanHort program tailored to the unique situations young or new-to-the-industry professionals might encounter. CareerUP provides access to best practices in the workplace and the opportunity to learn soft skills that can make or break your professional success.

At AmericanHort’s CareerUP Workshop at Cultivate’19, attendees will be introduced to experts who share practical skills to help you succeed in your horticulture career and may inspire you to be the best you can be in all areas of life.


Here’s a closer look at the experts who will be leading this year’s workshop.

Neal Glatt: Improving Team Dynamics and Communication

Understanding team dynamics is essential for unlocking the potential in any business at any stage. Glatt will share proven actions that anyone can take to help teams work better together by understanding what really motivates people, how to leverage differences as a competitive advantage, and ways to improve communication. This fundamental knowledge of people is far too rare in today’s workforce but necessary to be a real success.

Glatt, CSP, ASM is a managing partner with Before beginning his own coaching practice in 2017, he had a successful career as a snow contractor. Under Glatt’s leadership, Case Snow Management, Inc. grew from a single pick-up truck company with annual revenues of less than $1 million, to a company that exceeded $40 million in annual sales. During that time, he discovered the power of focusing on strengths and the ability of strong leadership to influence amazing results. His passion is to help people find fulfillment and success in life. Glatt holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Marketing and Spanish from Northern Michigan University. He is a regular columnist for Snow Business magazine and lives in Hopkinton, MA. He is a Certified Strengths Coach through Gallup, and a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. Neal ran the Boston Marathon in 2018 and 2019.

John Kennedy: Conflict Resolution and Having Tough Conversations

Every leader interacts with team members that deliver different levels of effort and energy. How do we maximize the performance of our team? The answer is with courage, compassion, and effective communication. Join John Kennedy as he defines the qualities and characteristics of a successful manager and leader. Kennedy will teach you the skills needed to create a culture of accountability and consistency, while at the same time, driving a culture of engagement and fun. From influence to innovation, the talent necessary to affect change and inspire people can be a skill you can carry in your tool box for years to come, no matter what career path you chose.

Kennedy has presented to more than 500,000 audience members over the last 20 years, including countless audiences in the landscape and green industry. He specializes in leadership development, teamwork, and creating sales and service cultures. Kennedy has recently launched his new online training called The Leadership Program. He has an extensive client list, and his reputation as a sales strategist and customer consultant to the horticulture industry continues to grow, as does his proven track record of successful partnerships.

Leslie Halleck: Dealing with Change and Letting Go of Fear

What’s holding you back from what you really want in your career and life? Chances are, fear — specifically, fear of change — might be driving your choices, either consciously or unconsciously. When you learn how to embrace and employ it, change can be a powerful force for your success. Halleck will coach you on strategies for learning to remove fear from your decision-making process, using friction to breed creativity, and embracing change as a tool for progress and success.

Halleck is a certified professional horticulturist who has spent her 25-year career hybridizing horticulture science with home gardening consumer needs. She currently runs Halleck Horticultural, LLC, through which she provides horticultural consulting, business and marketing strategy, product development and branding, and content creation for green industry companies. Halleck earned a B.S. in Biology/Botany from The University of North Texas and an M.S. in Horticulture from Michigan State University. Her professional experience is well-rounded, with time spent in field research, public gardens, landscaping, garden center retail, and horticulture consulting and communications. Halleck is an author and award-winning writer for industry and consumer publications. Her previous positions include General Manager for independent garden center North Haven Gardens in Dallas, TX, and Director of Horticulture Research at The Dallas Arboretum. Halleck’s book “Gardening Under Lights: The Complete Guide for Indoor Growers” was released by Timber Press in June 2018. Her next book “Plant Parenting: Easy Ways to Make More Houseplants, Vegetables, and Flowers” is to be released in June 2019.

Tal Coley: What is Advocacy and Why Should I Care

Advocacy is defined as public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy. Coley and the AmericanHort team monitor a variety of policies and issues that impact the horticulture industry every day. Learn why sharing your view on issues is important. Learn about some easy tools provided by AmericanHort to help you shape the future of horticulture in America.

Coley joined AmericanHort in 2017 as Director of Government Affairs in Washington, DC. He conducts outreach on industry objectives and external affairs initiatives and has been involved with the organization’s advocacy efforts through the Impact Washington fly-in, state association partnerships, and various industry communications. Prior to joining AmericanHort, Coley led congressional outreach efforts for Concerned Veterans for America. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force, where he served as a Russian Cryptologic Linguist at Ft. Meade, Md. He holds a master’s degree in International Administration from the University of Miami and a bachelor of arts degree in History from the University of North Florida. He is also a graduate of the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA.

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