February 2012 Online Exclusives

February 2012 Online Exclusives

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What The Home Furnishings Industry Can Teach Us
Growers can sell more product by offering retailers strategies to make plants less intimidating. Read on to find out what we can learn from the home furnishings industry.

How To Use Compost In Greenhouse Production
A Longwood Gardens horticulturist outlines the issues he’s encountered using compost in greenhouse production, including phytotoxicity and lack of uniformity, and how he’s overcome them.

New Blooming Potted Varieties
Take a look at some of the newest introductions in blooming potted plants.

Total Release Technology
Want to get started using total release technology? Here are the three steps to get your greenhouse TR ready and a time-lapse video that demonstrates what TR looks like in the greenhouse.

Petitti On Vendors, Box Stores And Spring
Angelo Petitti of Petitti Garden Centers weighs in on vendors, strides the box stores have made and what IGCs should do to prepare for spring.

How To Water More Efficiently
Squeeze more water from your growing media by understanding how media stores and releases water.

Poinsettia White Paper
Find out what growers have to say about their poinsettia production, pricing and sales.