May 2011 More Online

May 2011 More Online

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Special Coverage

Top 100 GrowersThe 2011 Top 100 Growers List is out. Read more here:

Profiles on every operation on the Top 100 Growers list.



Costa Slideshow: Alcea To Gazania
We’ve got you covered from Spring Celebrations alcea to Sunbathers gazanias in this slideshow.

Costa Slideshow: Impatiens to Osteospermum
We’ve got you covered from Magnum impatiens to Serenity 1999 Pink osteospermum in this slideshow.

Costa Slideshow: Pelargonium to Petunia
We’ve got you covered from ‘Darko Deep Red’ pelargonium to ‘Whispers Star Rose’ petunia in this slideshow.

Costa Slideshow: Phlox to Viola
We’ve got you covered from Phloxy Lady Pink phlox to ‘Ultra Radiance Red’ viola in this slideshow.



Smartphone Central
Today’s consumers don’t have lots of time to spare but many have smartphones, which Allan Armitage says are a key to connecting with next generations. 

8 Cool New Coleus
Jim Monroe shows off Hort Couture’s Under The Sea coleus series.




How Appealing Are Biodegradable Containers?
Understanding consumer preferences is the key to turning your sustainable actions in the greenhouse into real dollars.

What Are Growers Doing About Sustainability?
Growers are willing to implement some sustainable practices into production, but they aren’t as sure about others.

On Sustainability: No Two Consumers Are Alike
Gardening consumers vary in their eco-practices and attitudes, but there are trends growers should be aware of for their businesses.

The Value Of Biodegradable Containers
Consumers value certain biodegradable containers over others. Find out which ones.

Consumer Interest In ‘Green’ Plants

Organic is the more familiar term, but you are likely better off marketing ‘local’ or ‘sustainable’ plants to the general public.

The Top Four Succulent Genera
Succulents are making a comeback thanks to their popularity with design retailers like Crate and Barrel. Read up on key genera in this category.


Fresh Air Forum

What’s The Best pH Meter?
Does anyone have a pH Meter you like. We’re still small–trapped by the real estate market–not much space yet, therefore no need for testing much soil.