AmericanHort’s Plug And Cutting Conference Will Feature Education, Workshops, And A Tour

Plug Connection AssortmentMark your calendar for AmericanHort’s Plug and Cutting Conference, which takes place Sept. 19-21, at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, CA.

The Plug & Cutting Conference is recognized as a leading educational opportunity for advancing and experienced growers. With in-depth education on a variety of topics relating to plug and cutting production, growers are sure to come away with a fresh arsenal of strategies and ideas to keep their facilities running both smoothly and profitably. This year’s conference features 32 education sessions that will bring you up to speed on the latest advancements and techniques in plug and cutting production, presented by 25 experts and professionals in the industry.


This year’s education conference will focus on three key areas:
• Water management
• Pest and disease control, with a strong focus on integrated pest management (IPM) and biocontrols
• Production inputs for optimal plug quality

Learn from renowned experts on these topics and how they can relate to your operation. Click here to explore all of the sessions offered.

Workshop: Hands-On With Biocontrols

Get up close and personal with the bugs that help your greenhouse operate efficiently and keep your plants healthy. Learn several important factors about biocontrols that you may have always wondered about:
• Who eats whom
• The best environment for the most effective control
• Release rates
• Schedules and timing
• Who works together
• Storage
• Application

Learn from industry expert Suzanne Wainwright-Evans (“The Buglady”), an IPM expert with 13 years of experience who has consulted businesses internationally on the best ways to strategize pest and disease control. Wainwright-Evans will be joined by Chris Hayes, Ph.D., Jen Bergh Browning, and Ronald Valentin, Ph.D., who are all also credited with vast knowledge and experience in the field of pest management and biocontrols.

Tour Of Plug And Cutting Production

This year’s tour will feature three locations that have made their mark on the industry in their own unique — but successful — ways. Tour registration is limited, so don’t wait too long before you make the decision of whether it’s worth it. Because both the tour and the workshop are all-day affairs on Monday, September 19, please only register for one.
First Step Greenhouses, Temecula, CA: With beautiful trial gardens and industry-renown as a rooting station for Dümmen Orange, First Step Greenhouses is known for innovation and efficiency. You’ll see how the use of an environmental computer allows them to maximize the use of their space and how their greenhouse infrastructure allows them to fine-tune conditions for plants’ needs.
Plug Connection, Vista, CA: Plug Connection has a legacy of being one of the first young plant producers on the West Coast. It continues testing frontiers as one of the first to jump in to the arena of grafting young plants. They’ll tell you the potential of this new technology, especially regarding veggies and the challenges of greenhouse vegetable production. Plug Connection is recognized throughout the country as one of the largest plug, liner, and grafted transplant producers in the nation.
EuroAmerican Propagators, Inc., Bonsall, CA: As one of the founding partners of Proven Winners, EuroAmerican Propagators, Inc. is known for technological advancements in the world of young plant production. Its focus on vegetative micropropagation techniques, which included producing elite stock plants by utilizing thermally treated tissue cultures, launched the company to be one of the leaders in the plug and cutting industry. Today, it continues to strive for continuous advancement with their own research programs that benefit the practices of growers across the country.

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