Cannabis Growers Try To Become More Sustainable

Cannabis Growers Try To Become More Sustainable

Cannabis Close UpAs cannabis production continues to increase in some areas, one question seems to be coming up more and more: What is the most sustainable way to grow cannabis?

According to an article in Potlander, a publication of Willamette Week, in Oregon and a few other states, many consumers want everything to be sustainable. This means there is often a push for cannabis growers to use different methods. But varying climates throughout the states, as well as an uncertain regulatory environment, can make things hard for growers who want to use more eco-friendly methods.


The lead cultivator at Nelson & Company Organics, a long-time indoor producer in the Portland area, sees many challenges.

“We’re aiming toward a soil-recycling program, if we had the spare space,” he says. “But to make ourselves profitable, we have to use every square foot inside the warehouse for growing.”

Some rules measure growers’ permitted quantities by canopy size, not plant counts, so there’s an incentive to make the most of the space.

“The first level of being sustainable is about staying alive in the business,” says Nelson & Company’s grower. “Once you have that handled, you can work on making your farm more environmentally aware.”

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