Election 2014: You Can Make A Difference, Mangum Says

Election 2014: You Can Make A Difference, Mangum Says

As the old saying goes, one voice can make a difference, and that goes for growers, too. If you don’t believe it, look to one of our own.

Gary Mangum, CEO of Bell Nursery, based in Elkridge, Md., made a case for the Maryland gubernatorial team, businessmen Larry Hogan and Boyd Rutherford, in his local paper with this editorial.


Mangum was closely involved with the “Change Maryland” campaign as a passionate advocate of the Hogan/Rutherford ticket. He even rode along with the candidate to attend rallies throughout the election season.

Mangum’s influence and voice added to the message to elect the new Governor Larry Hogan, touted by New Jersey Gov. Christie as “the nation’s biggest upset,” in the race against Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown. The Hogan/Rutherford ticket won with 54 percent of the vote in Maryland.

In a November 3 Facebook post, Mangum wrote: ” I reflected today on why I got public about this and concluded that deep down it’s because I want our grandson and our kids – the youngest is twelve – to be able to enjoy what I have about living here. Growing up in Aspen Hill, then Ashton in Montgomery County, there was an abundance of opportunity for people that applied themselves and worked hard. Maryland is still a great place, but nothing like it was prior to eight years under our current leadership. Much has fundamentally, politically and economically changed for the worse….”

“…For those not involved in Maryland, the advocacy to participate in the vote anywhere applies.”