Florensis Receives Horticultural Entrepreneur Award

Florensis Receives Horticultural Entrepreneur Award

Florensis-winsDuring the January 7, 2015 award ceremony in the Keukenhof, in Lisse, Netherlands, Florensis received the Horticultural Entrepreneur Award.

The award was presented to Herman Hamer, CEO, and Leo Hoogendoorn, COO, by Nico Koomen, president of the Foundation Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs. Florensis was one of four nominated companies, which also included Arcadia BV, Artemis and Martens Asperges.


According to comments from the jury, Florensis has a wide assortment of more than 4,000 products in propagation material of cut flowers, perennials and flowering potted and bedding plants, which it delivers to 7,500 loyal customers in Europe. Its production facilities are located in Europe and Africa.

“With strong growth and outstanding results, the company succeeds in maintaining the character of a family company,” the comments say. “This is also thanks to its well-functioning social calendar for its employees and the way the company connects with its customers. The judges compliment Florensis on the chain-oriented market approach of distinguished products. Moreover, they appreciate the way Florensis strategically cooperates on all levels and with an eye for the interests of all participants. Florensis shows openness and power. It is a top company with a heart for its employees and customers.”

For more information, watch the following video presentation about Florensis, or click here to watch it on YouTube. For more on Florensis, visit Florensis.com.

Source: Florensis