Learn How to Measure and Track Profitability at Your Greenhouses

Learn How to Measure and Track Profitability at Your Greenhouses

Nicely laid-out greenhouse operation

Photo by Janeen Wright.

There are only a couple days left to sign up to participate in Dr. Charlie Hall’s YourMarketMetrics project. The project is designed to measure and track profitability and performance indicator metrics for the greenhouse and nursery industries. It is an entirely anonymous project, and each participant receives access to online filterable dashboards to compare themselves anonymously to other subscribers.


The first round of the project began last year and tracked 42 businesses representing $1.2 billion in sales. The second round is open to subscribers through the end of April, and the goal is to expand to up to 60 firms and approximately $2 billion in sales.

What do you get when you subscribe?
• Personalized login accounts for four team members
• Filterable dashboards
• Private company dashboard (your own performance, period over period)
• Aggregated historic industry trends back to 2015 (including a 29-page Insights Report)
• Access to critical new metrics as they are added
• Subscribers-only insights from Dr. Charlie Hall, to help you understand what you’re seeing on the comparison dashboards
• Exclusive debriefing webinar on industry margin analysis whitepaper
• KPI Key Learnings Report (downloadable) and debriefing webinars (live and recorded) after each data collection period
• Invitation to a subscribers-only “Charlie’s Insights” intensive session at Cultivate

Go to YourMarketMetrics.com for more information.